Larry Garza, the subject of our cover story, follows rules. When he wanted to create a storage area at his business with two shipping containers, he was surprised to discover in late 2016 that League City didn’t allow that.

He was calm, but he started researching. Garza sat down with city officials and explained what he wanted and worked on a way to make it happen. He could have just had the shipping containers delivered without getting permits or asking for permission. Instead, he waited and timed his actions methodically.

Many people just gripe in posts on social media, Garza told us. He preferred to go directly to the individual who could lay out the obstacles so Garza could plot his solution.

Garza may not be a guru, but we could all learn from his skill of making a problem known without pushing things too far and never getting too obnoxious. Not everyone was happy, though, with Garza pointing out that a lot of businesses had shipping containers without permits or that the city wasn’t policing them despite having ordinances against it.

But Garza worked on his own plans and waited for his moment. The city council wound up changing the rules, and now, more than a year later, Garza has legal shipping containers on his property.

Change happens.

This month, we’re introducing the first in a series of parenting articles from professors and staff members at University of Houston-Clear Lake. Many of them are also parents you may already know from school, church or sports. This issue’s article talks about how simple yoga techniques can help children learn self-regulation.

We also will continue to bring you hard news that respects your intelligence, and we will keep introducing you to the movers and shakers in the community. But we are just getting started.

Expect more in-depth profiles and a new look for Connection. We have so much to show you.

Look for big changes in April.

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