A regional approach to flood control makes sense in a state as large and as resourceful as Texas, but no state agency has the authority to oversee the best solution for an entire watershed.

The epic rain of Hurricane Harvey in August flooded 20,000 homes in Galveston County. About 7,700 of them were in League City.

As residents still recover nine months after the deluge, city and county officials have studied drainage solutions and alternatives. They have talked about where the money would come from and how long it would take to plan some of the major engineering projects.

But city and county entities are just snapshots of a much larger picture of watersheds that expand beyond political boundaries.

Galveston County has three drainage districts that focus on what is going on inside their borders. The Houston-Galveston Area Council has a regional council on flood control that meets and talks about issues, but it doesn’t oversee watersheds, and it doesn’t pursue projects.

The Harris County Flood Control District works with bordering communities on some projects, but many Galveston County residents see the relationship as one-sided with Harris County’s main objective being to move more water faster.

The major drainage route for the southern part of Harris County is Clear Creek.

Our cover photo features residents who live along Clear Creek in League City. They want answers about flood control, and they are frustrated that they are not getting those answers. They share a common frustration with other Galveston County residents.

Many other neighborhoods are part of the Clear Creek watershed, and many others are part of the Dickinson Bayou watershed. For example, Gum Bayou runs along the Bayridge neighborhood and drains into Benson’s Bayou then Dickinson Bayou.

Even on the extreme southwestern side of League City, undeveloped land that will soon be the site of at least 1,000 new homes is partly in the Galveston County Consolidated Drainage District and also partly drains from the west into the Dickinson Bayou watershed to the east.

These residents want more information, more representation and more communication.

We intend to help them.

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