Every time it rains, some residents in League City tense up and wait for bad memories to pass.

The floods that came after Hurricane Harvey devastated Galveston and Harris counties. Rising water terrified families and invaded homes. The mucking afterward made some sick and others angry.

And now, when a heavy rain comes, some of us cringe and others watch the water pooling.

Drainage will dominate political conversation in League City for the early part of 2018.

City officials are assessing why some areas did not drain faster during the epic rain at the end of August brought by Hurricane Harvey. Officials doubt that draining water could have outpaced Harvey’s 50 inches of rain that dumped on the area in a 72-hour period. It had nowhere to go.

Officials are also looking at possible failures or outdated infrastructure with an eye to prevent future flooding. Two studies are underway, Assistant City Manager Bo Bass said.

Residents whose homes flooded during Harvey share anecdotes that the flooding happened because of new adjacent developments. Others worry that debris caught under bridges and over drainage grates made neighborhoods fish bowls.

Mayor pro tem Todd Kinsey has said the city council has serious drainage issues to consider. This may require another look at the city’s capital improvement program.

As League City continues to grow and build more paved developments, city leaders will have to consider not only whether the new project can drain itself well, but whether it causes a problem for the surrounding, existing neighborhoods.

This also requires attention from residents. The planning and zoning commission meets twice a month. So does the city council. Now is the time to find out what new developments are popping up near your home.

It’s also the time to commit to drainage projects.

“Whether we can afford it or not, our focus has to be drainage,” Mayor Pat Hallisey said.

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