Clear Lake Regional Medical Center now offers the latest in breast cancer screening, which has been clinically proven to significantly increase the detection of breast cancers while decreasing the number of women asked to return for additional testing.

What the medical center offers is a Genius 3-D mammography exam, which was developed by Hologic Inc.

“We have been taking care of women’s breast and bone health for more than 20 years,” said Denise Bacon, director of the Breast Diagnostic Center. “3-D mammography can lead to earlier detection of breast cancer, and we are excited to be providing this service to our community.”

In conventional 2-D mammography, overlapping tissue is often a leading reason why small breast cancers may be missed and normal tissue may appear abnormal, leading to a patient needing to return to the hospital.

A Genius exam includes a 3-D method of imaging that can greatly reduce the tissue overlap effect, according to Clear Lake Regional Medical Center officials.

This type of exam includes both 2-D images and tomosynthesis scans. During the tomosynthesis-dimensional portion of the exam, an X-ray sweeps in a slight arc over the breast, taking multiple images. A computer then converts the images into a stack of thin layers, allowing the radiologist to review the breast tissue one layer at a time.

The new system is recommended for women of all ages and breast densities. The system allows Clear Lake Regional Medical Center’s radiologists to more effectively pinpoint the size, shape and location of abnormalities, which leads to better detection, the news release said.

For more information on Genius 3-D Mammography exams, call 281-526-6840 or 855-230-8397 to schedule an appointment.

Contact reporter Shannon Daughtry at 409-683-5337 or


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