Residents in Clear Creek Independent School District this fall might not see a tax increase despite the recent passage of a $487 million bond.

District officials have called for a public hearing on their proposal to keep the tax rate the same at $1.04 for maintenance and operations and 3.6 cents for debt service.

Despite organized opposition, district voters overwhelmingly approved a $487 million bond issue in May meant to address overcrowding at several schools and finance needed improvements.

The bond issue is meant to cover building a new elementary school in League City, rebuilding two schools, expanding others and making a host of other improvements.

Officials said the bond would add 3.5 cents to the district’s tax rate, an increase of $5.47 a month in taxes, or $65.64 a year, on property around the median value, which is $223,635 for a single-family home, according to the district.

While residents may see a tax increase in future years, the district is helped by a strong real estate market in the area, officials said.

The average taxable value for a home in League City in 2016 was $181,000, which has gone up to $197,000 this year, said Marcel Pierel, deputy chief appraiser for the Galveston Central Appraisal District.

The average market value for a single-family home in the city has also increased about 11 percent, Pierel said.

“There’s a strong sales market in League City,” Pierel said.


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