There are few feelings more powerful than rocking back and forth, ax held just over your head, and then hurtling it at full strength into a darts-style target board.

That’s the feeling that Robin Langseth, co-owner of Axe Masters Texas with her husband, is hoping to sell.

“It’s something different to do,” she said. “I think people are tired of the same mundane things. They want something to interact with, they want something fun in this digital age.”

Ax throwing is quickly becoming a popular and trendy sport and hobby across the country, with two other locations popping up in the Houston area alone in recent years, Langseth said.

In 2016, some ax enthusiasts formed the National Axe Throwing Federation, which oversees more than 6,000 competitive throwers in more than 75 cities and seven countries, according to its website.

“We first went ax-throwing about a year ago and really enjoyed it,” Langseth said. “But there was nothing like this in our side of town.”

Competitive ax throwing works not dissimilarly to a game of darts, Langseth said. Players get five points for hitting the bullseye or black ring, three points for the red ring, and so on down the line, according to the federation’s rules.

Players also have the option of calling clutch on the final throw of a round, which gives them the option of aiming for a special area on the board, according to the rules. But, if invoked, all other areas become worth zero points.

Axe Masters Texas, 400 Hobbs Road No. 209, opened only a couple of months ago, but has steadily drawn more and more people interested in the sport, Langseth said.

“While it’s competitive, everyone seems to take it all in good fun,” she said. “I’d say most, maybe 90 percent of people, come in having never done it before. But when you land an ax in the wood, it’s exhilarating.”

Anyone older than 11 can come throw axes in League City now, and the business already has received a diverse array of visitors, Langseth said. For instance, the business hosted a teachers night.

“We have a lot of people coming from League City, but we’ve also brought people in from Houston, we had a group in from Mont Belvieu recently,” Langseth said.

Axe Masters Texas is open Thursday through Sunday, with Monday through Wednesday set aside for private bookings, Langseth said. But, as the sport continues to take off in League City, the hope is to start a league night in the fall for those interested in pursuing the sport more regularly.

“It’s a level playing field,” Langseth said of what first drew her family to the sport. “Women do as well as men at it. And you can’t throw axes with a phone in your face.”

Editor’s note: There’s disagreement, and some controversy even in offices of Connection, about whether an American should spell it “ax,” or “axe.” The Associated Press Stylebook, to which Connection adheres in most cases, calls for “ax.”

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